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The energy of the masters and the angels doesn`t know any borders. So they make it happen to send you all the love and trust from Germany via the medium Christina Soraia to the whole world. Messages from the spiritual world channeled in German and translated in English.


Christina Soraia is one of the most authentic spiritual mediums of our time. Her charisma and her transformative demonstrations are a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of activating the own healing energy for body, mind and soul. Her love, her nearness and her compassion make a meeting unforgettable. She inspires the peoples with a modern concept of spirituality in common with Roland Eno`ah, teacher of life and coach. They open your heart and help you to find the answers to the most important questions of your life. The time is right to find your own way and to walk it, to create your all-day-life full of harmony, easiness, unconditional love and being in the here and now.


The center of awareness is a network from Germany, which works also in Switzerland, Austria, France and Lanzarote, to connect all people, who are ready for the truth of their soul in this life on mother earth, who are ready to release old structures of thinking, who are ready to discover their own divine power and wisdom. We accompany you to your full potential, to who you really are, to your “I-am-presence”. A lot of chances are opened for you, you just have to say “Yes, I am ready”.


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Christina Soraia and Roland Eno'ah Gutzmann

Our "Audio CD" In English

Edition Release – Increasing of your energy

 1 CD 29,99 € / Sub 24,99 €

The forwarding charges are about: 6,90 €


We are on the beginning of our English-translation. So if you like to support us, we are very thankful. Our first English CD is ready. It’s a powerful channeling with archangel Kryon and Master Babaji in our “Edition Release – Increasing of your energy”.


Hear the healing sounds of the music and dip into a world of colors, pictures and memories. With each word you get deeper to yourself, you feel the connection with your higher self and you remember in your divine essence.


Hear the CD whenever you like: While doing homework, while sleeping, in your car or very conscious. The energy will sheet you and there`s nothing you have to do. Just relax and enjoy.


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